This page provides links to reference documentation, code samples and video useful for the users of the Neuro4j projects


Tutorial: How to create simple java workflow

This tutorial shows how to create and run a simple java workflow.

Parallel Execution In Workflow - SpringBoot And Neuro4j Workflows

Simple SpringBoot application which will download documents from web in parallel way..

Tutorial: How to use workflow with SpringJMS

This tutorial helps to build simple flow using SpringJMS + Active MQ + Neuro4j Workflow


Documentation: Base Concepts

Following document describes base concepts of Neuro4j Workflow Engine.
Go to Base Concepts... (html | pdf)


Tutorial: Using Google Guice with Neuro4j Workflow

How Google Guice library can be used to initialize custom blocks.

Tutorial: How to integrate workflow with SpringMVC

This tutorial shows how to use workflow with SpringFramework.


General Info

Here you can find general information. How network data model works, database's features, integration modes, etc

Setup Guide

Here is detailed step by step setup guide
Go to Setup Guide...


NQL tutorial with interactive examples

Network Query Language (NQL) tutorial with examples you can run with online demo database.
Try and see it online ...

NMS Query Editor User Guide

NMS Query Editor is Eclipse plug-in which allows execute queries to storage and update network.
Read in PDF

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