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Nuero4j Studio- Debug Plugin.




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About this Guide


This guide describes how to use  Debug Plugin for Neuro4j  Flows .


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About this Guide. 1

Overview.. 1

Installation steps. 1

CREATING New remote debug configuration. 2


Additing/removing breakpoints. 9

Remote debugging. 12




Neuro4j Flow Debug Tool is eclipse plugin which allows the developer to track the execution of a flow step-by-step in Neuro4j Studio in order to locate errors precisely.

Using the Debug Tool, developers can easily check the storefront behavior of flows  or monitor the status of the flow context at each step using a special view.



Installation steps

 Neuro4j Debug Tool is part of Neuro4j Studio (from version 0.8.9)and can be downloaded from Download Page or installed using update site.



CREATING New remote debug configuration

1)       Setup and Run container (ex. Tomcat) in debug mode:

a.        In file catalina.* 

 set JPDA_OPTS=-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,address=8888,suspend=n

2)       Click Debug Configuration...


3)       Select Remote Neuro4j Flows and click New


4)       Set up port and host. Click debug.

5)       Switch to "Neuro4j Flow Debug"" perspective;





























Neuro4j Flow Debug perspective provides following views

Flow stack view

This view displays Call Node's  stacks. In this case flow UserAccounts calls CreateAccount.

Context View


This view displays all objects in Context.


Flow Breakpoints

View displays list of all breakpoints.


Developer can remove breakpoint using  right-click.






















Additing/removing breakpoints

Breakpoint can be added by right-click on node in editor.

Before additing breakpoint make sure Neuro4j library had been added to classpath!

If library is not in classpath developer will receive error message like:


Green bar indicates what node has breakpoint.

Breakpoint can be removed:

1)       Using right-click;



2)       Using Flow Breakpoints View


Remote debugging

When you launch your flow application for debugging, Studio switches to the Flow Debug perspective automatically.


Red rectangle around node indicates place where Processor was suspended.

To resume execution click   or F8 key,  execution will be suspended at next breakpoint.

To make  <Step Over>  press F6 ,  Processor will suspend execution at next Node.

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