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Neuro4J is handy for various development tasks from Embedded Java to Java Enterprice Edition. Find out how it can help your application using tutorials, ready to use code samples or just post a question to the forum.

Tutorials and Courses

List with external tutorials and courses for beginners and more advanced developers. Tutorials have videos, exercises and theoretical documentations.

Code Sample: Coin Analyser

In this sample neural network is used to analyze coin upload by a user. It takes coin picture as input and provide detailed description as output.


Tutorial: How to create simple java workflow

This tutorial shows how to create and run a simple java workflow.

Tutorial: How to use workflow with SpringJMS

This tutorial helps to build simple flow using SpringJMS + Active MQ + Neuro4j Workflow


Documentation: Base Concepts

Following document describes base concepts of Neuro4j Workflow Engine.
Go to Base Concepts... (html | pdf)

Online Web Demo

Demo Web Application
Project zip | War


Tutorial: Using Google Guice with Neuro4j Workflow

How Google Guice library can be used to initialize custom blocks.

Tutorial: How to integrate workflow with SpringMVC

This tutorial shows how to use workflow with SpringFramework.


Tutorial: NQL tutorial with interactive examples

Network Query Language (NQL) tutorial with examples you can run with online demo database.
Try and see it online ...

Documentation: General Info

Here you can find general information. How network data model work, database's features, integration modes, etc


Code Sample: Demo Storage

The project creates network storage and populate it with data in different ways (queries, imports, java client update, etc).
See Demo Storage in details

Code Sample: Web Log Example

Application shows how to network data storage can be used for logs gathering and and further usage in analysis, recommendations, etc.
See Web Log Example in details


Code Sample: Translate Example

One more network data storage usage example is 'Translate'. It's a light version of Google Translate. Get sources. Check out how it works. Add more words, languages. See Translate Example in details

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