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Here are a range of tutorials which help you  
- Create workflow  and run it in console java applicaton. Just few minutes ...
- Create workflow based Web application ...
- Work with network data storage: setup, populate with data, query, ...
- Or just practice with NQL queries using online demo storage ...
Querying online demo storage
The fastest way to get started with network data model and network queries is to play with online demo network database. Network Query Language (NQL) query semantic and samples you can find here
For example: Following query get entities with first_name='John' and connected entities and connected to connected.
SELECT (first_name='John') / [depth='2']
Execute NQL command

Query samples with green arrow at the end are executable in online demo storage. Click on green arrow to run it. 
So, the good idea is to run demo queries. Modify them a bit, run again and see what will happened.
Data Storage setup
Simple Workflow Creation
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