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Neural Networks is a new area of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning inspired by human brain activity. Research and development using Neural Networks got a lot of progress during the last 5-10 years. The project is dedicated to


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Open-source Java Workflow Engine with IDE

Neuro4j Workflow Project combines workflow engine and eclipse-based Studio that helps to design, develop and test workflows.

Project Features: tutorial

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Network query result in Neuro4j Studio

Neuro4J Network Storage is open source database dedicated for unstructured and semi-structured data management. Being NoSQL solution written in Java it's perfect for graph databases, fraud detection, recommendation engines, decision support systems and much more.


  • included  Intuitive and Flexible development using a network model for data representation;
  • included  Fast, Scalable, Extensible;
  • included  Has buid-in workflow engine;
  • included  Rich querying with Network Query Language;
  • included  Open Source;

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