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Neuro4j Workflow Overview
Neuro4j Workflow Project combines Workflow engine and Neuro4j Studio.

Neuro4j Studio is an Eclipse-based development environment which helps to design, develop and test workflows. It enables you to adapt the existing business logic to your requirements via a graphical user interface. All the components like flows, custom blocks, Java code, properties, jsp files etc. can be accessed and edited using Neuro4j Studio.
Neuro4j Studio automatically generates the corresponding Java code. Using a special wizards you can generate new flow, new custom block or web-application.


Workflow Projects
Neuro4j Workflow Project includes following sub-projects:
  • selected  Neuro4j Studio. Provides tools for developers and architects (
  • selected  Workflow Commons. This project provides common functionality and base custom blocks(ex. PrintSystemOut)
    • selected  jasper-report-workflow. Allows to use JasperReports library to generate reports in different formats.

      Jasper Reports
    • selected  guice-workflow-adapter. Allows to use Google Guice library to initialize custom blocks.

    • selected  spring-timer-adapter. Example.
    • selected  spring-jms-adapter. Allows to send/receive messages using Spring JMS. Example.
    • selected  spring-mail-adapter. Allows to receive mails using POP3 imap IMAP protocols. Example how to read emails from Gmail.
    • selected  spring-webmvc-workflow. Integrates workflows into SpringMVC framework

Online Demo

See Neuro4j Workflow technology in action right in your browser with our collection of Web Demos.

Installing Neuro4j Studio

The latest stable release of Neuro4j Studio is 2.0.1 If you're just starting out, download this one.

To install Studio from update site please follow instructions in Installation Guide  (html | pdf)

Base concepts

Base concepts

Neuro4j Flows Project makes the bridge between software architects and developers. It allows you to model your business process by describing the steps that need to be executed using a flow chart.

Neuro4j Flows distinguishes four different programming layers:

- Flow Layer;
- User Blocks Layer;
- Business Object Layer;
- Presentation Layer (can be used in web-based applications);

Read More

First java application based on workflows

  Following article describes how to create and run your first flow-based application.

Video Tutorial on YouTube

How to debug flow application
Neuro4j Studio provides plugin for debuging.

Following article provides overview of debug plugin. Article available in HTML or PDF formats. 

To debug flow developers need:

Code Samples

Tutorial: How to create simple java workflow

This tutorial shows how to create and run a simple java workflow.

Tutorial: How to use workflow with SpringJMS

This tutorial helps to build simple flow using SpringJMS + Active MQ + Neuro4j Workflow


Tutorial: Using Google Guice with Neuro4j Workflow

How Google Guice library can be used to initialize custom blocks.

Tutorial: How to integrate workflow with SpringMVC

This tutorial shows how to use workflow with SpringFramework.


Maven repository

To include the neuro4j workflow engine in your project, add following dependency (note that you need to change the version to the latest release):


Source code
Download source code from GitHub.

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