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Demo projects which you can download, build, run and explore how network databases works.

Demo Storage

The projects create network storage and populate it with data in different ways (queries, imports, java client update, etc).


- install Neuro4J Studio (It's Eclipse based UI). Start here

Download project

How to use it
- import it to Eclipse
- see code
- run code (Main class: org.neuro4j.nms.demo.roger.Main)
- open created storage with Neuro4J Studio Network Client.
- open ./data/storage.mns with Text editor and check/set absolute path to xml file
- open ./data/storage.mns with Neuro4J NMS Query Editor (Neuro4J NMS Query perspective)
- run query: select () / [depth='1']
- you should get something like on screenshot bellow
- practice with some NQL queries with your just created network storage. More about querying here:

Demo storage persistence is based on XML file ( implementation).
That implementation is suitable for small amount of data (< 1000 objects).

For large storages use different implementations (e.g.


demo storage in NMS client

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