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Translate Example
Application shows how a network data storage can be used for ...


- Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat

Download project sources

Build and run project

1. Build with Maven: mvn package
2. Create Network Storage with name 'kms-demo'. How to create storage read here ...
3. Copy target/kms.war to Tomcat's web apps directory
4. Init application: point your browser at http://localhost:8080/kms/init.htm
5. Check if it works: translate 'Dog' (English) -> X (Russian)
6. Add more data to translator. It will help to understand how it works.

Online demo

Online version can be found here

Project mimic human ability to 'label some external experience' and show how funny things can happend if translate just words (without taking into account a context).
For example if you translate 'Dog' from English to Russian and back you can get '@/at' which has different meaning from original word.

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