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Web Log Example
Application shows how network data storage can be used for logs gathering, analysis, log based recommendations, etc.
Benefits of such storage is that it allows some data post-processing what makes data more prepared for recommendations, analysis, pattern detection, debugging, etc.


- install Neuro4J Studio (It's Eclipse based UI). Start here

Download project

Storage setup & configuration

1. Setup storage with Solr based persistence (
- Setup Solr. Solr configs are in ./storage/solr.configs/conf
- Config Solr index URL in (org.neuro4j.nms.client.server_url key)

2. Add weblog-engine.jar to storage's lib directory ($ {STORAGE-HOME/lib})

Web app integration

1. Add weblog-client.jar to your web application's lib directory

2. add to you class path. Example in conf-sample/

3. add filter to your web.xml. You can specify filter config parameters. They will be posted with each request.

4. Run your application, do some clicks and check data in storage.

5. Extend it to make more advanced request post-processing exactly for your application to make recommendations and data analysis more advanced.

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