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Neural Networks is a new area of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning inspired by human brain activity. Research and development using Neural Networks got a lot of progress during the last 5-10 years.
The project is dedicated to
  • exploring ability to solve practical tasks with Neural Networks.
  • host a resources and links to resources about Neural Networks such as tutorials, demos, etc.

More basic introduction about Neural Networks you can find here in Wiki.

Here you can find Neural Network prototypes with different architectures. Prototyping is implemented in Octave / Matlab code and tested with image recognition tasks. With light modification for input layer can be used for any type of classification, search on image, image recognition/detection applications and much more.

Here you can find samples/tasks we have been implementing with Neural Networks. Tasks contain description, datasets, current solutions. Feel free to download dataset, checkout code, try it in your environment, join our development.

This section contains articles and links about various Neural Network related topics such as Deep Learning, Convolutional Networks as well as different design and implementation tips.

If you have no experience with Neural Networks a good way to start is to take following courses at
Good luck.

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