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Neuro4j Workflow is a light-weight workflow engine written entirely in Java with Eclipse-based development environment. Framework allows to build reusable business code and easy integrate your application with other systems and technologies.

Project Features:
  • included  Lightweight Java process engine;
  • included  Provides eclipse-based editor to support the graphical creation of your flows;
  • included  Powerful debugging tool;
  • included  Eases application integration;
  • included  Makes your code visual, quickly identify bottlenecks and targets for improvement;
  • included  Easy to extend functionality;

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Neural Networks is a new area of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning inspired by human brain activity. Research and development using Neural Networks got a lot of progress during the last 5-10 years.

The project is dedicated to
  • exploring ability to solve practical tasks with Neural Networks.
  • host a resources and links to resources about Neural Networks such as tutorials, demos, etc.
  • included  Articles
  • included  Tutorials
  • included  Code samples

Network Database
Neuro4J Network Storage is open source database dedicated for unstructured and semi-structured data management. Being NoSQL solution written in Java it's perfect for graph databases, fraud detection, recommendation engines, decision support systems and much more.
Neuro4j supports Network Query Language (NQL) to work with data similar to SQL (structured query language) which is familiar among developers. more ...

NMS Query Editor (Eclipse based IDE) provides integration with Network Database.

Start interactive Network Query Language Tutorial with online database.
  (first_name='John' AND last_name='Smith') 
  / (name='friends') 
  / ()
Execute NQL command
Network query result in Neuro4j Studio

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